Click,Click, Click Start Is a common problem on all Denso Gear Reduction Starters.
current that passes though the solenoid contacts. Why buy a whole starter when all you may need
is the solenoid parts....... And you can make your starter STRONGER!
Nations Starter & Alternator offers a special repair kit for 1989- 2003 Dodge Truck Starters with the
Cummins Diesel Engine. The over sized starter solenoid contacts and new plunger assembly offer a
90% Larger surface contact area to carry the voltage needed to the starter motor.
Wider is better! If your are having intermittent starting replace your contacts and plunger today!
Dodge Starter Contact Kit
Dodge Diesel Repair Kit 36.95
Ships  USPS Priority 2-3 Days Arrival
Contains New Plunger and H.D. contacts
Dodge Starter Brush Holder Kit
Dodge Diesel Brush Kit 34.95 Contains complete brush
holder plate w/ springs and ground brushes and Field
order for a complete starter rebuild
54-8227 Complete New Starter Drive Assembly 69.95
Buy this if your starter spins freely and does not
turn the engine!
Dodge New Starter 89'-93'
Dodge New Starter 94' UP
Dodge Starter Drive Assembly
Nations Dodge Diesel Repair Parts
2-1739-ND-2 Starter - Nippondenso OSGR 2.7 kW, 12 Volt, CW,
13-Tooth Pinion
Used On: (2000-94) Dodge Ram Pickup 5.9L Diesel
Replaces: Chrysler 4741012, 4746639Cummins 3921682,
Nippondenso 228000-229
Lester Nos: 17548
Price: 149.95
Starter - Nippondenso OSGR Replacement
2.5kW/12 Volt, CW, 13-Tooth Pinion
Used On: (1993-89) Dodge D, W Series Pickup 5.9L Diesel
Replaces: Nippondenso 128000-491
Lester Number : 17215
Price- 169.95